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Light Medic-Art Centre Causeway Bay World Trade Centre
Breastfeeding Friendly Premises
 Blue Label 
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  • Opening time
    星期一至五: 上午11時正至晚上10時正
    星期六: 上午11時正至晚上8時正
    星期日: 休息
    公眾假期: 上午10時正至晚上6時半
Provide facilities
  • Acknowledge the newly amended “Sex Discrimination Ordinance” (The provisions relating to breastfeeding discrimination will come into operation on 19 June 2021.)
  • Display educational material on hygiene
  • Do not disturb a breastfeeding mother (e.g. will not ask to cover her body or ask her to breastfeed at another location)
  • If mother in need, please arrange a private and comfortable space for breastfeeding, which is:
  • Provide additional assistance if the mother requires help(e.g. explaining their needs to other customers)
  • Provide training about breastfeeding to employees to raise their awareness
  • Respect mother's freedom to choose where to breastfeed and will not restrict the freedom of the mother; display a welcoming attitude and allow the mother to breastfeed anywhere they choose
  • Will not ask a mother to breastfeed in the toilet
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