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where do you go?
Date 2019-11-07

Camellia Seed 360° Hydrating Sunblock Physical Sunscreen: protect your skin from the sun by deflecting or blocking the sun's rays. Vocabulary is your best friend when learning a language. Sure there are other things such as hard cold grammar, pronunciation, language structure and patterns, phrasing, social understanding, etc. But when things get difficult and you need to communicate something where do you go? It's generally either a vocabulary word or body language. Or nothing is communicated.

The idea beyond this post is to suggest that it helps to keep it simple. And at times release your anxiety about those things that confuse or are unknown and just let things trickle in as they will. Time is your friend if you don't give up. Even a better friend if you create a solid learning environment to absorb and expand your language skillets. And vocabulary and time work on the buddy system. Expand that vocabulary through consistent exposure and attentive retention practice and time will buddy up to make some of the rest easier to understand and put under your control.

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